Monday, January 5, 2009

Have you heard the Buzz?

annie bracelet $28

Some of you may be familiar with the b-line, but for those of you who aren't, I had to share! Once you own one of Amy's pieces and see the awesome craftsmanship and delicate beauty in person, you will surely be back for another.

Her Corsage Collection pieces are my favorite, consisting of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings with handmade blossoms as the focus. 

The are so many colors and designs it is impossible to pick just one. I own the Susannah Earrings below and I just love them.

susannah earrings $19

You can find the b-line on Etsy where, in addition to her Corsage Collection, Amy has many different pieces utilizing glass and natural stones. 

She also recently opened shop on the new 1000 Markets where you can find even more Corsage pieces and her Ribbons and Bows Collection. 

dolly necklace $22

Be sure to stop by Amy's blog while you are browsing. You will find fun contests and sales and you can't miss her "This Week's Wants" posts where she finds some of the hottest items on Etsy and 1000 Markets.  

I hope you enjoy the b-line as much as I do!


fringe said...

I agree, Amy's work is stunning, as is yours :). She is a true artist. I love that many of her pieces are inspired by nature.

I look forward to visiting her blog and also, checking out 1000 Markets. I haven't heard of it until now and can't wait to see what it's about.

What a lovely post! xo

the b-line said...

Thanks, Nicole! What a wonderful surprise and lovely post. I'm honored!

Kristin said...

I agree with Nicole! I love Amy's corsage collection too. I own 2 corsage bracelets and 1 pair of earrings and just love wearing and looking at them. Her corsage flower colors are fabulous!

Brenda // Phydeaux said...

Seriously cute! Thanks for introducing me to another very talented jewelry designer. Just what I needed. :) Enabler! :D

Michelle said...

I just love following your blog! I can't wait to wear my jewelry!

jolijoli said...

What a great find. I love all the flowers in her collection! Thanks :)

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mchen said...

Fun — one of my fav etsians, featuring another one of my fav etsians! Lovely lovely, and yes, I visit Amy's blog often. Great shout-out — high fives, all around :)