Tuesday, November 2, 2010

At Home: Simplicity

Happy November everyone!

Fairlight of flight of fancy designs here. Are you ready for the holidays? Part of me screams, "Yes!" and another part of me emphatically says, No!" Sometimes the pressure of perfection takes away my ability to enjoy the moments that should be so memorable and special.

So, I'm definitely a huge fan of making things simple, but I'm also always on the lookout for ways that bring a "BIG" impact with a "small" amount of effort, time, or money (though not always necessarily all three!).

This month my goal was to bring together, and share with you, ideas that can be used in your own home to make special memories during the Thanksgiving holidays without adding to your stress level. I hope you are as inspired and excited as I am!

This would be quite welcoming at any door and why throw out the pumpkins just because Halloween is over?

I love the simplicity here. Craft paper on a roll, linen napkins, paper flowers. Easy peasy but so lovely.

Both of these are fast and simple place cards for your table.
(above - 17th photo, below)

The traditional fall colors don't exactly go with the rest of my kitchen and dining room decor, but this variation would work really well!

I made about 12 of these last year for an autumn dinner party and they turn out lovely! (20th photo)

I have to say that I think this is adorable if you have a kids table.

Could it be any simpler? Love this.

These napkins would be a perfect table accessory and would quickly become a holiday tradition I think.

I really like this idea. Make those spiced nuts in the bowl and all the men would be your friend for life!

These would be a fun project and look great on a sideboard!

Or these hurricanes across a mantle?

How about some little caramel apples as a dessert alternative?

I think this classic Thanksgiving menu sounds divine.

Here is a simple but lovely folded napkin tutorial.

And maybe if you aren't up for doing a huge afternoon meal, or one side of your family hosts the family gathering, but you still want to do a little something how lovely would an autumn brunch be?

I hope you enjoy this wonderful season of family, friends, and yummy food. Being thankful for our blessings and making great memories with people who are dear to us. Have an inspired and beautiful yet simple Thanksgiving and I'll see you back here in December with a collection of Christmas inspiration!

He who thanks but with the lips
Thanks but in part;
The full, the true Thanksgiving
Comes from the heart.
~ J. A. Shedd

Have a lovely November! ~ Fairlight


Irene said...

Very nice selection of ideas. Thanks for sharing.

Teresa @ good-grace said...

oh my goodness!! This is a virtual plethora of fabulous idea's! Loving them all - and really, they are all pretty darn easy... and very elegant. Fantastic post!!

Chelle said...

Such a lovely post!

elsiee said...

you are TOTALLY my hero right now - we always host thanksgiving at our house AND I was bone dry on inspiration then POOF your oh so inspiring post - I will be lifting many many of these ideas!

Leslie said...

ahhh drooling over all this.

and wishing wishing my mother in law literally wouldn't decorate for Christmas for Thanksgiving....

its just weird.