Monday, June 6, 2011

Things I Love

Underwood Art Print michelemaule $8

Letter C Forestgirldesign $14

Green Cherry Clutch tshandbags $25

Folk Miniature Wood Town saysthetree $38

Antique Dress Form TheFancyLamb $350

Antique Ornate Frame Pin Board shabbyvintagemom $38

Don't Forget print dazeychic $20

Teapot Wooden Necklace shopnevertheless $26

Modern Handbag K8made $70

Heartsease Habotai Blouse Anthropologie $98

Idling Iguana Pillow Anthropologie $98

Band Aid Photograph f2images $25

Tiffany Earrings cookoorikoo $20


Moondoonie said...

I wish I could buy one of each item above. Love the color, vintage integration & just the overall cohesion of this post.

TheFancyLamb said...

That shirt from Anthro just made me shed a tear it's so gorgeous! Love your picks, Nicole!
(And thank you <3)

f2images said...

Oooh...I especially love the letterpress poster, the blouse and that crocheted necklace....adorable picks. Thank you for including my print, Nicole!

e :)