Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Me? In the Olympics?

Back in my figure skating days, I had a dream or two of Olympic gold, who didn't? But I knew deep down there wasn't really a chance in hell. Well, almost 20 years later, here's my chance to make a go of it! I never thought my name would be associated with anything even rhyming with Olympics, so I'm thrilled and honored to be a part of the rikrak studio's Handmade Olympics!

My little blog here was chosen as a finalist in the favorite blog category and yep, here's where I ask once again for your vote! But not just because I want to win, or have more votes than everyone else, but because I want to see that you, my readers, appreciate what I'm doing here enough to take a minute and express that. To show that you support the handmade community and all the artists behind it busting their humps to do what they love and inspiring others to do the same. That this amazing community is more than just browsing, but about being involved and showing your support.

Ok, enough sappiness. If you love visiting my blog, I'd love to know.

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