Monday, July 21, 2014

Shoe Sale!

I know I've been totally MIA on the blog (and pretty much everywhere but Instagram) since the move to Colorado, but farm life has me busy busy busy, and we don't even have the animals yet! Sheesh.

And since my daily wardrobe consists of muck boots, tank tops and overalls, it's time for another shoe sale! After all, our 114 year old house only has one closet. 

Below are the pairs I'm painfully parting with for now. They are all in excellent condition and I've included specifics about size, fit, material, wear and price below each pair. I am most commonly an 8 or 8.5. Some pairs fit a little large and some a little small as noted.

I will calculate actual shipping costs based on your address but shipping one pair will be $6 - $9 max, two or three pairs will fit in a medium flat rate box for $11.50 and four or more will be around $16 max but I will ship all via the cheapest method possible.  These are US costs only and Im happy to estimate international shipping with an address.

If you're interested in a pair (or pairs!), just send me an email ( with your address and I'll send you a total. Payment will be through paypal (you don't need an account to use, can pay with a credit or debit card). I will mark pairs SOLD when they are paid for. 

You can click the photos for a bigger view and feel free to email or comment below with any questions or if you need any additional photos. 

Thanks, all!

Chelsea Crew Malibu T-Strap Heels $20
Size 39, fits like a big 8, small 8.5. 2.5" heel, very comfortable (I have these in four colors!). Leather. Like new condition.

BC Footwear two tone heels $15
Size 8, fits true to size. 2.5" heel, very comfortable, adjustable strap. Leather. Like new condition.

Shellys London Pink Heels $20
Size 39, fits like an 8, could also fit 7.5. 
2.75" heel. Suede upper, wood heel. Toe and ankle strap are adjustable. Very good condition.

Miss Albright Heels $20
From Anthropologie. Size 8, could also fit 8.5. 3.25" heel. Leather and canvas upper, wood heel. Adjustable strap. Excellent condition.

Swedish Hasbeens Cut Out Debutant $80
Size 37, fits like an 8. 1.5" heel. Brand new and never worn. Leather upper, wood heel. Adjustable ankle strap.

SOLD   Lucky Penny Strappy Flats $25
Would fit 8 or 8.5. The softest leather ever. Adjustable straps, zip back. Very good condition, super comfy!

SOLD   BCBGirls Flats $12
Would fit 8 or 8.5. Half inch heel. Beautiful leather. Very good condition, some scuffing around bottom back of heel.

SOLD  Pine green suede flats $10
Size 8, fits large. Adjustable ankle strap. Manmade suede in a beautiful pine/emerald green. Like new condition.

SOLD   Soda Orange Flats $10
Size 8, fits true to size. Mandmade materials. Excellent condition.

Natural Ankle Strap Heels $10
Size 8, fits true to size. 3.5" heel. Manmade materials, faux wood heel. Adjustable ankle strap. Like new condition.

Jeffrey Campbell Flats $15
Fits 7.5 or 8. Leather. Very Good condition.

Merona Slingbacks  $6
Merona Brand from Target. Manmade materials. Size 8, true to size or slightly small. One inch heel,  strap is adjustable. Excellent condition.

SOLD Urban Outfitters Spectator Flat - $8
Size 7.5, fits large and slightly wider. Manmade materials, in excellent condition.

Mustard Kitten Heels $6
Size 8.5, fits true to size. One inch heel, manmade materials. Excellent condition.

Burgundy Moda Flats $10
Size 8.5, fits slightly small. Excellent condition.

Steve Madden Brown Heels $10
Size 8.5, fits true to size. 2.5" heel. Leather. Very good condition.

Vintage Naturalizer Peep Toes $6
Navy blue, size 8.5, fits slightly small. 1.5" kitten heel. Leather. Good vintage condition.

Urban Outfitters yellow peep toe flats $8
Size 7.5, fits slightly large, would fit 7.5 or 8. Leather. Very good condition.

Silver Flats $6
Size 8.5, fits small. American Eagle Brand. Manmade materials. Like new condition.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

In the Kitchen: Crockpot Tikka Masala

I'm a HUGE fan of indian food. Especially in the form a buffet when I can consume copious quantities of a variety of dishes. This recipe is one of my favorites, but even if you haven't tried much indian cuisine or think everything is overly seasoned with curry, be adventurous and give this a try. Trust me, it's different! The longer my husband and I are together, the more adventurous he gets with his eating, but even he, who would never willingly go to an indian restaurant, has this recipe close to the top of his favorites list.

The ingredient list may look daunting, but this recipe is easy and I love the flexibility. When the husband is around, I make it with chicken, vegetables and potatoes and that is how I have shared the recipe below. When it's just me, I typically leave out the meat. You can also make it with just the chicken alone and no vegetables.

1 medium yellow onion, diced
4 - 6 cloves of garlic, minced
2 T fresh ginger, minced
1 (29 oz) can of tomato puree
1 1/2 C plain yogurt
2 T olive oil
2 T garam masala spice mic
1 T (slightly heaped) cumin
1.5 t paprika
2 t salt
1/2 t cinnamon
1 t black pepper
1 t cayenne pepper
6 skinless chicken tenderloins, cut into large chunks* (optional)
2 -3 potatoes, diced (optional)
2 bay leaves
1 cup frozen peas (optional)
1 cup chickpeas (drained and rinsed, optional)
1 cup heavy cream
2 T cornstarch
chopped fresh cilantro, for topping

Place the first twelve ingredients (thru the spices) into your crockpot and stir to combine. If making with chicken and/or potatoes, add them now (raw) and stir gently to mix in. Add the bay leaves and push down into mixture.

*The chicken will get very soft while cooking and start to shred apart, keeping the raw pieces a bit large than 'bite sized' helps keep them together better. 

Cover and cook for 8 hours on low (or 4 hours on high).

When done, whisk together the cream and corn starch and pour into the crockpot along with the peas and chickpeas and gently stir. Cook on low for an additional 30 minutes.

Serve over basmati rice with fresh cilantro and a side of naan and enjoy!

This meal makes a ton of food, but we eat it two or three times over a couple weeks and I freeze the rest. The consistency is a little different after freezing and reheating, but it doesn't affect the taste at all.

> Click here for a printable recipe card

Monday, February 17, 2014

tutorial: modifying a two way metal zipper {perfect for the noodlehead cargo duffle}

I've been doing a really good job accomplishing the goals I set for myself lately (probably because they have all been crafty and fun, but… still counts for something in my book). I saw the nooodlehead cargo duffle bag pattern last year and immediately put it on my to-do list. With holiday gifts finished and the encouragement (and 24/7 on-call help) of my friend, Sandra, it was game on!

I hope to finish my bag this week (update: finished my first one, pics below, more to come!) and will write more about the project then, but in the meantime I wanted to share a little tutorial. While browsing pictures of other peoples' bags, I came across this post on Thread Riding Hood on how to modify a two-way zipper to open from the center, but it only applied to a plastic zipper and mine was metal.

Since I had extras, I decided to try an experiment which happily ended in success! (Those are the best kind of experiments, aren't they?).

The cargo duffle I'm making calls for a 26" coverall zipper, but this tutorial would work on any length two-way zipper for any type of project, as long as the teeth are the same on both sides.

A coverall zipper is made for just that, coveralls, and is a two way zipper designed to unzip from both ends. Since I'm not usually hangin' out in coveralls, I most typically see this type of zipper on coats (which I think is SUPER handy, by the way).

But when it comes to a bag, it's much more convenient to have the zipper open from the center, so here's how to do it. You'll need a pair of side cutters, or similar small wire cutters with a pointy end, and needle nose pliers. (Click on any photo for a larger view.)

I was able to modify this zipper because the teeth are the same on both sides, as I mentioned. I'm no zipper expert, but it's my understanding that this is not the case with all zippers so be sure to check before tearing one apart.

The first step is to remove the stoppers from both ends.

They are clamped down pretty darn tight (which I guess is a good thing) so this was harder than I expected it to be, but it just takes a little elbow grease and patience.

Start by carefully wedging the tip of your cutters under one side of the metal stopper and clipping off little bits of metal at a time. Be careful not to snag or cut the fabric tape.

Keep snipping away until you loosen the clamp enough to pull the stopper from the tape. Once it is free on one side, you should be able to slide it up and off the other side. If it is too tight, repeat the same process of clipping the metal away until it's free.

The stoppers on the other end are thicker, but are also easier to pry off. First wedge the tip of your cutters underneath and try snipping. If the metal is too thick for your cutters, a bit of wiggling and prying should loosen the clamp enough to be able to pull it from the tape.

Repeat on the other side.

Once the stoppers are removed, move the sliders toward opposite ends so the zipper is closed and pull one slider off as shown above. It doesn't matter which one.

The opposite end of your zipper will still have the other slider attached. Keep it on and pull it down to open the zipper a bit.

You will now put the loose slider you removed onto this end (toward the slider still on the zipper) by inserting the ends of the fabric tape into the channels of the slider and pulling it down until it catches the teeth, making sure they are lined up.

And Voila! Both your sliders are back on and your zipper now opens from the center.

Depending on your use for the zipper, this may be your final step, but be aware that the sliders are free to come off either end. If you are not sewing your ends into your project or if you have large gaps, you'll want to make a tack stitch at the ends of the teeth or sew a piece of fabric onto the tape ends.

In the case of the cargo duffle that I'm making, one huge bonus of this modification is that I can take my zipper apart and sew the two sides on independently without having to maneuver around the sliders or deal with the bulk. Go ahead, pump your fist in the air and yell awesome!

If you do this, I recommend marking the ends of your tapes so you can put them back together properly. Technically, the teeth will go back together either way and there is no top, bottom, front or back with this specific zipper, but the length of the fabric tape is different on the two ends so they will be uneven if not matched up the same.

Once you're done sewing, you just slip your sliders back on either end toward the middle and huzzah! Magic.

I hope you find this tutorial helpful! If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I will do my best to answer them.

Thanks for visiting and happy sewing!


Since writing this post I have finished my first cargo duffle, hooray!

I certainly hit a few hiccups along the way and learned some important things to change and modify on the next one, such as adding zipper tabs on the sides, reinforcing the handles and using sturdier interfacing, but for my first bag project EVER I'm so thrilled with the results! I'm almost finished with my second duffle so will share more then.

p.s. I'm lillyellasworld on instagram if you'd like to follow and see my progress!

{Fabrics used: Main body, bottom accent and pocket flaps are Tim Holtz Eclectic Elements - Melange and Ticking Stripe. Pockets and handle accent are Robert Kaufman Quilters Linen in taupe}

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Old South Fabrics Giveaway Winner

The winner of the Old South Fabrics Quilt Kit Giveaway is…

Congrats! Check your email for all the details :)

And for everyone else, be sure to check out Old South's current fabric sale here and stay tuned for more awesome giveaways soon!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Quilt Kit Giveaway with Old South Fabrics!

Happy New Year, everyone! I know I've been MIA lately, but now that the hustle and bustle of the holidays is over, it's back to business here and I have all kinds of fun to share with you in 2014.

To start things off with a bang, I've paired up with Old South Fabrics for a super fabulous giveaway! I know more than a few of you out there are fellow fabric lovers, quilters and crafters so I hope you are excited about this, too!

Wanda and Gary of Old South Fabrics are giving away the pattern and fabric to make the quilt top shown above, isn't it beautiful? I've seen this fabric collection in person and it's so rich and gorgeous, the pictures just don't do it justice. This pattern is beginner friendly if you're looking to get into a new hobby and will come together in a snap for these seasoned sewers out there! (Is that a real word, 'sewers'?!)

There are one hundred and one fabric stores online these days, but if you have not visited or shopped with Old South Fabrics, I highly recommend it! There has been a few times when I found fabrics I couldn't find elsewhere (and thought all hope was lost lol!) and their prices and selection an excellent. The service is so personal and friendly, the shipping is fair and fast and the packing is safe and adorable. To me, all those things are important and keep me going back to support the business that I know care about me!


You will receive one entry for each item listed below. You can do one or all! Please leave one comment below telling me which you have done and include links to any pages you've shared on:

2. Sign up for the Old South Fabrics mailing list (on website home page here)
3. Share this giveaway on your blog or facebook page
4. Add the Old South Fabrics button to your website or blog (find it on the website here)
5. Tell us your favorite fabric collection or a pattern you'd like to try in 2014 from the Old South Fabrics website.

You can also visit me on facebook and instagram for more chances to win!

I will announce the lucky winner here next Friday, January 17.

Good luck and happy crafting in 2014!  ~ nicole

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Bonita Bellita Giveaway Winner!

The winner of the Bonita Bellita Giveaway is…

KATHLEEN (of Chronology on Etsy)

Congratulations! Be on the lookout for an email with more details :)

Monday, November 18, 2013

Spotlight: Bonita Bellita

Since a young age, Stephanie has been creating with her hands, taking joy in referencing this beautiful world we live in. Today she creates rhinestone jewelry and eclectic shabby chic home decor evoking old Hollywood glamour with a modern twist.

Read on to learn more about how Bonita Bellita came to be, what advice Stephanie has for other etsy sellers and what she has planned for the future. You can also enter to win as beautiful pair of earrings and magnet set!

Where are you from originally and where do you currently call home?
I'm from Southern California, born and raised. I've moved away from the desert I grew up in closer to the ocean I love. Home is technically Fullerton, CA for now.

How long have you been selling on Etsy?
I've been an Etsy seller since May of 2010. It's been a great three and a half years so far!

Do you sell on Etsy full time or do you have a day job?
Etsy is my full time job, although I'm a full time student as well. Originally I started on Etsy for fun, and it grew until one day I had to choice to do what I love or work for someone else. It wasn't a hard decision so I left my job and plunged into Etsy. I know have the luxury of working my schedule around my studies. I'm currently studying environmental studies and marine biology.

Have you had any formal training in the arts?
I have no formal training for the arts, everything I do right now is self taught. I took a few art classes, but it was more for me to use the studio time and do what I already knew how to do. I plan to take classes for metal casting and silversmithing in the future.

What made you decide to open up shop on Etsy?
A school friend of mine opened up a shop herself, mentioning how Etsy was geared toward handmade goodness. I loved that concept and remember how both of my grandmas worked beautiful magic with their hands. I wanted to be a part of that, so I switched in my usual art medium (paintbrushes and watercolor) and began to hand sew flowers from luxurious satins and silks. That overtime let into jewelry.

How did you come up with your shop name?
Bonita Bellita is a name made of generations filled with love. The first part, Bonita, means "beautiful" in Spanish, speaking to my Mexican-American heritage. Bellita is a nod to my daughter, Isabella, as I often call her "Bella" or Bellita" which also mean beautiful or small beauty. Lastly, the "b's" make me think of my mother Bea (pronounced Bee). As soon as the name Bonita Bellita came to mind, it was a perfect fit.

What inspires you?
Memories probably inspire me the most. Nostolgia of old Hollywood glamour often shops up in my crystal jewelry, granted with a modern take. Childhood treasures can be found in my Lost Things Magnet Collections with pretty buttons, clocks, flowers, bugs, and other little findings that young eyes see as valuable. Lockets and keys are usually in my jewelry as well, for all the secrets kept hidden. Ah, the whimsical romance of it all!

What do you like least about your craft?
 want to keep a lot of what I make. In fact, I pick every color or pattern or stone based on how much I love it. If I don't love something, I don't work with it. That means making a lot of pieces I love and having to say good-bye when someone orders it and I must ship it off.

Do you have any advice for other sellers on Etsy or those thinking about pursuing their craft?
I would tell them three key points:
1) Do not focus on instant success. If you are serious about wanting to make this work, it can take time. It's absolutely worth the wait.
2) Value yourself and your work. Be fair in your pricing and do not undersell your creations.
3) Have fun. This is the best place to be able to enjoy what you do.
Oh, and I have a number four…
4) Take good photos. You don't need to be a fantastic photographer, but have good natural lighting and try a few angles. Try to capture what makes your work so unique and share that.

Five Etsy Shops you love (I know its hard!):
Etsy shops other than Lillyella, you mean? Ooh, that's tough...
Caroline from has some of my favorite pearl rings in her shop. Absolutely swoonworthy twig rings too!
La Nae from makes the most scrumptious desserts, I order from her often and even met her once!
Amy Brown from paints faeries how I've always known them to be, loved her since before Etsy existed! and her beautiful hand painted ceramics with her darling pumpkins and birds... I own a few of those myself.

Five things you love
learning something new and incorporating it into everyday life
traveling (especially abroad)
chai tea
the color teal
the ocean, specifically my beloved Pacific

Five things you don't
the phrase YOLO
celebrity worship (Kardashi-who?)
hot weather (which to me is anything over 90 degrees, only acceptable on beach days)
football (don't throw things at me *hides*)
the overabundance of selfies in social media ... I know what you look like and yes, you were cute this morning, too
(yes, I added one) pollution. Not a fan.

Share some of your guilty pleasures
Dessert is a major guilty pleasure. Also a big fan of certain shows, namely Dr. Who, Firefly, Supernatural, and shows like that. Yes, I'm that girl. I also like pattern socks, currently I'm wearing fuschia pink with little white foxes.

If you could trade places with any other person for a week, with whom would it be?
Jane Austen or Josephine March (Little Women by Louise May Alcott) - those women were strong and I love it!

What would you like to learn?
Everything, I never want to stop learning! If we are talking artistically, I'd love to start getting into silversmithing in the next year. If we are talking academically, I plan to be in school for environmental studies and marine biology for the next several years. I always hunger to learn.

What does the future hold for you and your shop?
That's a secret, even to me. I know that new metalworking skills will be something I learn but there is so much I want to accomplish above that. I think that my pretty little things will find their way into more galleries and shops in the area, definitely. The rest of the future, that's a journey I'm out to discover. As for me, I'm working in my own personal life to set out on an environmentally friendly way of life. That will be a lifelong journey and delight of mine.

One lucky winner will receive the Stephanie's sparkly crystal bee earrings and adorable magnet set shown above!

Please leave a comment on this post telling us what item from Bonita Bellita is your favorite and why you love it.

You have until Monday, November 25 to enter and I will announce the winner here later that day.

In the meantime you can find Bonita Bellita here:
Thanks for visiting and good luck!